We are a team of young professionals passionate about the right to health. Mobiklinic comprises of a team of professional administrators; managers, analysts, product developers and investment strategists. More importantly comprises of professional and well experienced doctors and nurses, many of whom are volunteering for the noble cause of saving lives, more particularly working towards revolutionising access to maternal health services and later on, general health services



Sandoz international and Novartis Pharmaceuticals


Whereas Mobiklinic today focuses on pregnant women, it is cognisant of the fact that access to health care services is a general difficulty in rural areas.  Yet 76% of Uganda’s population lives in rural areas which have poor access to health care. Uganda significantly falls short of the WHO standards for 1 doctor for every 1000 people. On the premise of our vision, we plan to be catering for all persons in the next decade.


Transaction based i.e cash on transaction but also barter. The rationale is because almost half of the population we intend to serve is a poor community by cash and has money in form of farm produce, animals, chicken, etc and therefore an alternative method of pay was so essential. Our fee is as minimised, favorable and affordable to the intended market. This simply contributes to our sustainability as an initiative.


The Mobiklinic trains persons as Community Health Providers. These often are professional nurses who undergo maternal health skills uplift and are deployed in the community with a MobiKlinic tablet powered with 4G internet access. When a pregnant woman / patient approaches the CHP. The CHP opens an account for the patient on the app, indicates the trimester the pregnant mother is in and starts treating the patient. CHP punches in treatment that’s kept under code numbers as medical history for the patient. In a scenario where the CHP is challenged, the CHP can contact senior doctors available on the app. Who can offer guidance as regards the treatment. This creates a digital safety net, as it ensures the safety and standard of service offered to the patient. In the event where CHP has an emergency patient, the CHP can call for Mobiklinic van which ensures treatment of the patient is at their door step/ comfort of their home.