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To improve health care and health service through decentralizing and democratizing health care access. 

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Who we are

About us

We are a team of professionals passionate about the right to health. We are revolutionizing last-mile health delivery so as to achieve health equity by democratization and decentralization of health  care using a fusion of physical

And digital means.

The services offered by our CHPs

Our Story

76% of Uganda’s population live in rural areas which have poor access to health care. Uganda significantly falls short of the WHO standards for 1 doctor for every 1000 people.  The situation is alarming when it comes to maternal health care access in rural and remote areas. According to the World Health Organization, 25 women die every day in rural and peri urban areas of Uganda. Our Founder Andrew Ddembe largely grew up in such community in Buikwe district his home area and consequently was motivated to find a solution to combat the status quo. Andrew shared this idea with his mother, a community nurse by profession and brother a doctor and medical researcher. In October 2018, Andrew submitted his idea to compete in the international Sandoz Hack.


According to the Uganda bureau of statistics, 76% of Uganda’s population lives in rural areas. However, this bulk of the population is marginalised when it comes to accessing health care. 75% of Ugandan doctors work in urban areas where only 20% of the population lives. The remaining doctors quite often travel abroad for greener pastures. In urban areas, the doctor to patient ratio is 1; 9,000 while in rural areas it is 1; 22,000.
Mobiklinic offers a solution of how best to maximize the few present doctors by creating a system of interface with community health workers.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE; According to the World Economic Forum, more than half of the world’s population cannot access basic health care services and many of these come from last mile areas. Again this puts us in position to solve this pressing problem of the world.

On-Going Programs

what we do

Maternal Health Program

Equipping village teams with the necessary skill set to become well trained Mobiklinic community health providers who will offer home-based maternal health care support services to pregnant women in Buikwe district.


Distribution of Sayana Press

We are leveraging our community health-workers network to distribute sayana press in Buikwe district and give women in rural areas a chance at affordable family planning.

How we do it

Convenience | Customer centric | Access | Women and Youth

Mobiklinic partners with Clarke International University to train people as Community Health Providers. These often are professional nurses who undergo maternal health skills uplift and are deployed in the community with a MobiKlinic tablet powered with 4G internet access. When a pregnant woman/patient approaches the CHP.


The CHP opens an account for the patient on the app, indicates the trimester the pregnant mother is in, and starts treating the patient. CHP punches in treatment that’s kept under code numbers as medical history for the patient. In a scenario where the CHP is challenged, the CHP can contact senior doctors available on the app. Who can offer guidance as regards the treatment.

This creates a digital safety net, as it ensures the safety and standard of service offered to the patient. In the event where CHP has an emergency patient, the CHP can call for Mobiklinic van or a near health centre ambulance which ensures treatment of the patient is at their door step/comfort of their home.

Our Approach


Yes, one can get treated at their doorstep or in the comfort of their home depending on the circumstance

Customer centric

We boast of putting our clients/ patients first and their demands plus feedback are what shape our course of direction. The MobiApp is an example.


The foundation of Mobiklinic is to revolutionize access. To break barriers hindering easy access using a fusion of digital and physical interventions.

Digitally friendly solution

Digital technology is integral to our vision for effective community health. Our theory of change for rural areas, lies in leveraging on digital safety net to ease last mile health delivery.

Creativity and Innovation

Our services are premised on innovation. Creativity and new ways of connecting patients to doctors / nurses are inculcated in our functioning/operation. We have both a rural model and urban model. For now, till 2023, we are rolling out our rural model which is more needed.

Justice through health equity

We strongly believe that by easing access to health for everyone, we enable people enjoy their right to health more than before thereby having a fairer world.

Women and Youth

These are the driving force for our work. We strive to improve maternal health services for expecting mothers. Similarly, with eased access to health care, our innovation also helps the vulnerable rural youth have more quality livelihoods.


Paul Crook
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Experience in building, working in and leading high-performance teams successfully delivering over US$500million worth of value. Demonstrable advisory skills achieving strategic and practical results in highly complex, fast moving, setting
Michelle Mackaroff
Michelle Mackaroff@username
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Experienced team lead with a demonstrated history of working in international organisations and industry. Skilled in negotiation, corporate social responsibility, partners relationship management and IT strategy. Strong community and social services.
Prof. Robin Kibuka
Prof. Robin Kibuka@username
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Board chairman Standard Chartered Bank Uganda. Experienced economist with has previously had over 34 years experience at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), working at the Executive Board of the Institution and in several departments. Has lectured Economics at Harvard University and at Makerere University.
Isabelle Magnin
Isabelle Magnin@username
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Experience in managing portfolios of health tech startups, lead proof of concepts, and engaging diverse international teams. Expertise in non profits, governmental organizations and private firms across 100 countries.
Pamela Steele
Pamela Steele@username
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Supply Chain Transformation Director for PSA, a management consultancy specialising in supply chain transformation and workforce capacity development in the health sector in low- and middle-income countries.
Andre Heeg
Andre Heeg@username
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Surgeon & Digital specialist Managing director & partner at BCG Digital Ventures
Christian Wamambe
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Business consultant & chief operations at chap chap Africa
Amir Rezaei
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Leadership Development Coach Startup Entrepreneurial consultant
Lori Most
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Binary bridge, SBC Founder & CEO Halcyon Fellow 2021
Shanta Rabadiya
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Chief Operations officer Apar Foundation
Sumeya Ali
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Communication|Research monitoring and evaluation|Business Development
Barry Shier
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Founder of Giant Health. Europe's Largest health summit. Entrepreneur with Board-level leadership track record demonstrating courage in innovation, salesmanship, & passionate marketing.
Owomugisha Blessing Immaculate
Owomugisha Blessing Immaculate@username
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Ag. Secretary General Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Dr.Martin Balaba
Dr.Martin Balaba@username
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Medical Technologist and Partnership Lead at IDI
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Lecturer at Clark International University
Eugene Nzioki
Eugene Nzioki@username
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VC Fellow, included VC Enza Capital 2021
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke@username
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Founder of Clarke International University Experienced Chairperson with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Management, Healthcare Management, Healthcare, and Leadership.
Rogers Kagoda
Rogers Kagoda@username
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Innovation Consultant Business Designer and strategist at Aidiloits


Our core team

Andrew Ddembe

A writer, lawyer, entrepreneur, innovator and founder/co-director of Mobiklinic. An overseer of the operations of Mobiklinic, seeing that they are geared towards the vision. Given his legal field, he also ensures the policies of the innovation are in compliance with the Ugandan laws and regulations. As a Winner of Sandoz hack ideas 2019, he participated in Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 and severally been a youth voice in African Union forums. A strong advocate of reimagining and re-inventing access to health care.

Dr.Ibrahim Mutyaba

Oversees the training of community health providers and training on app usage. He coordinates field programs of Mobiklinic.

Nabigambo Barbara

Co-director and principal accountant.  Holds an honors bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Makerere University.  Has 5-year experience in banking, accounting, and finance.

Aaron Sempa

Holds a bachelor’s in public health from Victoria University and is a public health professional. He is the programs and partnerships officer at Mobiklinic.

Mary Ssenyonga

Co-director and Community Health Provider. Has 35 years in community nursing.

Justine Mugabi

Deputy head of Mobiklinic community providers. Head of Makonge health center and has over 20-year experience in community health systems.

Bridget Namubiru

A researcher, business developer, and public health specialist. Heads the research team of MobiKlinic.

Dr Joel Mirembe

Head of Medics at MobiKlinic-. He ensures that the MobiKlinic meets compliance standards required by national regulators such as the ministry of health and medical council. Initiates strategic partnerships with already existing health facilities in Buikwe and beyond. He holds a bachelor in medicine and surgery. He is a former president of intern doctors 2018 and currently serves as secretary general of Uganda Medical Association.

Dorothy Kulabako

Administrative volunteer

Aisha Nalwoga

Administrative volunteer

David Wampamba

Software Consultant, Tech event speaker, open-source contributor, and highly skilled in coding and software development. He also uses these skills to empower the young and emerging software developers in local communities.

He is a co-founder, CEO and lead Coach of Ablestate Creatives Limited which is a source of transformative software development training and stream of Uganda’s top 3% software development talent.

Claire Waita

Graduate organizational psychology and heads the volunteers at Mobiklinic.

Donald Aine

Holds a bachelors of computer science from Makerere University and is and administrator at Mobiklinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have to locations, one in Kampala another in Buikwe. In Kampala, Find us on MAWANDA ROAD Plot 257. In Buikwe, find us in Bulyasi Kinoni village centre.
Write us an email and get an appointment to come to our Kampala office
Special focus is on pregnant women but we also on a lesser extent cater for other people. We will cater for all as resources avail.
Get in touch with us, we shall be happy to assist you. You can send us a message via our official email address.
Get in touch with us, we shall be happy to assist you. You can send us a message via our official email address.
Twitter handle – LinkedIn- Instagram-
1,000 Uganda shillings to 10,000 Uganda shillings. Free services are sometimes, given depending on support partner.
Mobiklinic is a platform working only with professional doctors and professionals from recognised universities and working with legally recognised hospitals and health centres.
The Mobiklinic makes an outreach to a community and call for a community gathering where the CHP gets unveiled
Yes, you pay. Mobiklinic has organized free van treatment days. So you wait for those days if you got no money. Also when you call a health centre ambulance, you pay for it.
Mobiklinic operates in Buikwe district for the start and plans to go expanding nation wide

The email is  and the contact number is +256700218686.

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