Empowering communities through Community Health Providers (CHPS) as frontliners for health

The community Health Providers are our barefoot soldiers within the communities providing basic general, maternal and child healthcare services of their community of origin.

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At MobiKlinic we don't stop at providing health services in the community. We go ahead and build partnerships with rural health centers such as Bufumbe Muslim Health Center to ensure that our patients can be easily referred when need be.

CHPs are our barefoot soldiers

Our community health professionals (CHPs) are our community first respondents. Through them we are able to provide health services to patients in the rural communities.

Distribution of Sayana Press

Did you know that 1 in 8 women of reproductive age in Uganda have an unmet need for modern contraceptive methods? Low income areas which are impoverished and with uneducated populations within the country lack access to basic reproductive health tools especially family planning. We have trained community health professionals on Sayana press Injectable a form of self-injecting modern family planning in partnership with Apar Foundation. The we are bridging the unmet family planning gap in low income areas.

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